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The Yoga of Sex course invites you to experience how humans learn sex. Profound embodied learning takes place when we repeat a practice mindfully over time. Erotic practice is fun, rewarding and transformational when we use this conscious, focused, yoga model of education. 

The Yoga of Sex, offered by Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., the creator of Sexological Bodywork, offers a wealth of teachings and practices available here for all types of sex educators and coaches. Your lovers and friends will also benefit from your learning in the Yoga of Sex! Learn about the Yoga of Sex curriculum in the five course descriptions below.

ENROLL NOW   in the Yoga of Sex

Though this course does not provide professional certification, many students do use the Yoga of Sex to prepare for future certification as Sexological Bodyworkers. Students who enroll in the complete Yoga of Sex curriculum receive a $300 scholarship toward a Sexological Bodywork or Somatic Sex Education certification training at the following schools:

The Institute of Somatic Sexology in Australia

The Sea School of Embodiment in the United Kingdom

Instituto Latino Americano de Sexologia Somática in Brazil

Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education in Canada

Institut für Somatisches Lernen, Sexualität und Körperarbeit in Germany

Course One: Orgasmic Yoga

Somatic Inquiry One: Beginning Your Orgasmic Yoga Practice

Somatic Inquiry Two: Embodiment, Breath and Somatic Learning

Learning Materials: 20 videos (172 min), 5 essays (52 pages) and 7 practice sessions.


Six months enrollment

Course One

Humans learn sex through practice, especially solo erotic practice. Your clients will develop new sexual skills and capacities by regularly engaging in mindful, erotic exercises we call Orgasmic Yoga. Your clients may need Orgasmic Yoga coaching to make the best use of their breathing, sexual arousal, savoring, movement, touch, placement of attention, and awareness of intention. Just as you will help your clients choreograph their solo sex sessions, you are invited to create seven solo sex sessions for yourself.

Themes Explored in Course One

  • Remaining mindful of intention during erotic practice enhances learning in your clients and triggers profound changes in their prefrontal cortex.
  • Most sexual learning takes place outside your clients’ comfort zone.
  • Therapist Rick Hanson’s “installation” method helps your clients remember new erotic skills.
  • Evaluating practice sessions: reflection questions are suggested about stated intentions, feeling-states, surprises, distractions, habits, frozenness and more. 
  • Twenty-five different Orgasmic Yoga choreographies are available for individuals to make use of in creating their practice sessions.
  • Do your clients have sex in order to feel, to connect or to play?
  • Standing during self touch allows your clients to bring more movement into their practice while breaking long-term habits.
  • Clients will not learn just by watching videos, but by watching and involving their bodies.
  • Conscious breathing at different rhythms during solo sex helps us awaken our erotic potential.
  • In addition to sexual learning, erotic practice brings innumerable benefits for the brain and the body.

Learning Materials in Course One 

  • 20 videos (172 min)
  • 5 essays (52 pages)
  • 7 practice sessions

Course Two: Coaching

Somatic Inquiry Three: Coaching Mindful Masturbation

Somatic Inquiry Four: Witnessing and Being Witnessed

Learning Materials: 10 videos (103 min), 3 essays (120 pages), and 4 practice sessions.


Six months enrollment

Course Two

Sexological Bodyworkers help their clients to choose mindful practices that transform long-term habits, routine sex lives, feelings of shame, difficulties in arousal, lack of sensation and chronic disembodiment. Body-based practices like Orgasmic Yoga are surprisingly effective and efficient in helping clients have better sex.  

Witnessing a client’s solo sex sessions is one of the most powerful practices utilized by Sexological Bodyworkers. Witnessing requires an attitude of acceptance and kindness and provides a fertile space for the student to notice what is happening in their own body.  Non-judgmental witnessing is the foundation for all Sexological Bodywork sessions.

Teachings Explored in Course Two

  • The intention of Sexological Bodyworkers is not to “fix” clients or solve sexual problems, but rather to help their clients have better sex.
  • Even though our work is about fostering good sex, it is important to recognize the traumatic influences of religious upbringing, cultural norms and socioeconomic conditions on our clients’ sexual health. 
  • Betty Dodson’s approach to coaching masturbation: begin with an exploration of genital anatomy before clitoral stimulation with a Magic Wand.
  • Introduction to Mindful Masturbation Coaching by Joseph Kramer (complete text)
  • Arousal coaching involves: 1) awareness of the aliveness within 2) noticing any changes in our habitual ways of arousal and 3) exploring those changes with on-going practice.
  • Body scanning may be the most important mindfulness process we can teach our clients.
  • Daniel Siegel’s Wheel of Awareness body scan is explored because it brings attention to more dimensions of embodiment than most body scans.
  • Skilled erotic coaches can discern the degree of sensory-motor amnesia (or genital numbness) in their clients by witnessing them masturbate.
  • Masturbation coaching and masturbation witnessing are two powerful but very different modalities of Sexological Bodywork. And can be done over Zoom.
  • Witnessing your clients masturbate helps them to break habits. Watch them with curiosity and unconditional acceptance, avoiding judgements and making no evaluations during or after the session.

Learning Materials in Course Two 

  • 10 videos (103 min)
  • 3 essays (120 pages)
  • 4 practice sessions

Course Three: Anal Explorations

Somatic Inquiry Five: External Anal Massage

Somatic Inquiry Six: Internal Anal Massage & Mapping

Learning Materials: 16 videos (354 min), 4 essays (95 pages), and 4 practice sessions.


Six months enrollment

Some Sexological Bodyworkers work on the anal area as a metaphor for waking up the whole body. This can be true and effective when working with any part of body, but it is especially effective when working with the anal area because that part of the body is so often shut down and disassociated. Often, the results of anal work are incredibly powerful. 

Dr. Jack Morin ends his brilliant book Anal Pleasure and Health with the quote below. “Virtually anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, can become more aware of the anal area, learn to relax anal-rectal muscles and expand their capacity to enjoy whichever types of anal stimulation may be desired. Required, however, is sufficient motivation, a little patience, and a clear idea of how to proceed. Most important was the willingness to devote regular time and attention to anal exploration and to carry it out with calm persistence.” Jack helped create the profession of Sexological Bodywork. He intended our profession to offer the same results-based education he describes in his book.

Course Four: Erotic Massage

Somatic Inquiry Seven: Taoist Erotic Massage: A Portal

Somatic Inquiry Eight: Erotic Massage Dancing

Learning Materials: 19 videos (171 min), 3 essays (8 pages), and 7 practice sessions.


Six months enrollment

Sexological Bodyworkers use erotic massage to help students change their habitual ways of becoming aroused. Erotic touch can facilitate changes in how our students constrict their muscles and control their breathing. We assist them as they open somatically, but we don’t make the changes for them or do it to them. We know that profound embodied learning can take place when students mindfully savor and direct their own erotic massage experience.

As the body relaxes in a full-body massage it releases hormones that facilitate feelings of love, bonding and trust. Sexual stimulation produces a cascade of powerful endorphins that build a feeling of bliss. This is the biochemistry of ecstasy.

This course teaches two of the most powerful and effect touch modalities for learning sex education in the world: Taoist Erotic Massage and Erotic Massage Dancing.

Course Five: Trauma, Scars & Erotic Touch

Somatic Inquiry Nine: Trauma-Informed Practice and Scars

Somatic Inquiry Ten: Genital Mapping & Massage

Learning Materials: 21 videos (322 min), 9 essays (124 pages), and 4 practice sessions.


Six months enrollment

Sexological Bodyworkers are not trauma therapists, rather we are trauma-informed sex educators. Christiane Pelmas in this course describes what it means to be trauma-informed:

“A trauma-informed practice means you have taken into consideration the ways a person with unsequenced trauma in their body might feel in your presence, in your physical office and with your touch. A trauma- informed practice means we have learned how to spot the living effects of trauma in a human body, to assess when a client is in acute distress and in need of more specific professional support and how to, above all, creative a space and a way-of-being in our practices where we are eminently careful of and sensitive to the many ways trauma shows up and can be triggered. This is, fundamentally, the core of a trauma-informed practice.”

Genital Mapping is a contemplative touch practice developed in Sexological Bodywork that brings awareness and sensation to forgotten tissues. The mapper touches, with the tip of their finger, points on the vulva, vaginal wall or penis. Every move of the mapper’s finger is guided by the receiver. How long a point is held and with how much pressure is decided by the receiver in each moment. Using touch to consciously place attention on specific tissues of the genitals is crucial for reclaiming and coming home to the body.

Free Mini-Course

This mini-course focuses on three Sexological Bodywork modalities taught in the Yoga of Sex: Masturbation Witnessing, Erotic Massage Dancing and Mindful Erotic Practice. This introductory lesson has 7 short video clips, 15 minutes of reading, and several suggestions for somatic practice. By signing up for this mini-course, you are also signing up for the Yoga of Sex Newsletter

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