Sexological Bodyworker Special  :  Yoga of Sex for One Year, $199

The Yoga of Sex is the core curriculum that each Sexological Bodywork school begins with to create their own version of Module One. Because Sexological Bodywork is a cutting-edge field, the curriculum is updated every year. 

To enroll in the Yoga of Sex, go to the Enroll in Courses page and enroll in the Complete Curriculum. With the discount code SEXBOD20, tuition is $199 – a savings of $350. 

For fifteen years, the SexBod Module One materials and practices have been available as the Yoga of Sex to anyone wishing to explore cutting edge somatic sex education for their personal or professional use. Many of you may have started your SexBod education with the Yoga of Sex.

The Yoga of Sex is not a certification in Sexological Bodywork. I realize that some people might worry that if other sex educators have access to the Sexological Bodywork Module One materials, those educators would then claim to be Certified Sexological Bodyworkers. Personally, I am happy that we are influencing the larger field of sex education through the hundreds of people who have enrolled in the Yoga of Sex over the last fifteen years. In that time, no Yoga of Sex student has claimed to be a Certified Sexological Bodyworker. However, almost half of the Yoga of Sex students have gone on to enroll in a Sexological Bodywork Certification training. In fact, four of our six Sexological Bodywork schools were started by individuals whose first introduction to Sexological Bodywork was through the Yoga of Sex. features LearnDash, a new way of teaching. Check it out by taking the free lesson.